Submitted by Larry Edwards

The Beach Deejay Hall of Fame was founded in 1987 and consists of regular and honorary categories. It is physically located at Fat Harold's Beach Club in North Myrtle Beach, S.C. The next time you enter Fat Harold’s, look to the left and you will see the Hall of Famer’s plaques for both categories with their photographs.

The criteria for nomination to either category can be found on the Association of Beach and Shag Club Deejays’ web site

There are 36 members in the Regular Deejay Hall of Fame and 26 Honorary Hall of Fame members. These numbers reflect the two new Regular Hall members and three new Honorary Hall members inducted this year.

Once a year, the living regular Hall of Fame members vote to elect one or more members to the regular and honorary Hall of Fame. Inductions are then held at Fat Harold's Beach Club during the annual Deejay Throwdown.

This year the new Regular Hall of Fame inductees were Tootie Brown from North Myrtle Beach and Norman Mills from Abbeville, SC. Both of these men played great music for over twenty years in the Mooresville, NC before relocating to their current homes.

The Honorary Hall of Fame inductees this year were the Band of Oz, Charlie Brown from WPCM 920 AM in Burlington, N.C. and the legendary John R from WLAC radio in Nashville, TN.

Please remember to take a look at the Beach Deejay Hall of Fame during your next visit to North Myrtle Beach and Fat Harold’s Beach Club. These are the guys and gals who have kept the music alive for your dancing and listening enjoyment!